Lettuce for the garden

CARRANZA-LETTUCE BED_MG_6110Yesterday I went to Mix Garden to buy vegetables, particularly one of my favorites, celery root. I also picked up broccoli.

And, while I was there, I decided it is time to add to our garden production by buying two six packs of lettuce starts. I bought one Little Gem and one Flashy Trout’s Back. They are Romaine-type lettuces and both are my favorites.

I’m quite pleased by the quality of plants at Mix Garden. Their plants are robust and, apart from some leaf miners in chard once, they are healthy. Mick and his crew make sure their veggie starts have a healthy launch into life.

The other thing I’m pleased and surprised about is their six packs contained more than six plants. I got 35 plants out of what could have been as few as 12. Nice.

I’d estimate the seedlings to be about 20 days old (I may be totally off on this). If they are about 20 days old, I may be able to harvest as early as March 15, though, of course, it will depend on temperature, sunshine hours and rain.

Garlic in a gopher-proof bed. Copyright Ann Carranza, 2016

Garlic in a gopher-proof bed. Copyright Ann Carranza, 2016

Meanwhile, the peach buds are starting to swell, the garlic is about six inches tall and the chard continues to give healthy harvests of greens.

I so hope for much more rain. Though our reservoirs are full or nearly full, the rain needs to continue through at least April. The early end of rains again this year will mean we’ll have another very small garden, watered with as much captured water as possible. I so hope we’ll be able to grow corn again. My husband usually plants it in the middle of March.

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

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