Robust chard grows in our garden. Event the little bugs like to chew on the leaves.

Robust chard grows in our garden. Event the little bugs like to chew on the leaves.

Discipline! I need to be more disciplined in my life. Unfortunately all the talking to myself hasn’t reaped results. Anyway, I tell myself to write a blog post weekly but that hasn’t happened yet.

However, I still cook, write, shoot (photos) and think. These are all positive “events.” Yes, thinking even has sometimes taken on the status of an event.

Today, after cooking an incredible lunch, I started thinking about the soils that brought about that lunch (and, yes, my mind really does run in those kinds of circles). To further stimulate my thought processes, I found in my Facebook feed, a link to a Jim Robbins article, where he writes:

“Soil is the foundation on which the house of terrestrial biodiversity is built. Without robust soil ecosystems, the world’s food web would be in trouble.”

Click here to read the article.

The opinion piece is a good read, if you are the least bit interested in eating, gardening, soil, species extinction and other weighty subjects. And it brings me back to food…local food, mostly. And compost, particularly since they moved Sonoma County Compost out of the county.

Just as we depend on pollinators for our food, we depend on diversity and health in our soils to produce the food we need to live. So, when you’re out walking today–think about what’s under your feet. It’s all alive.

Back to our “incredible” lunch: It consisted of pork loin from Ritual Farm just outside Healdsburg, Swiss chard from our own garden (fresh picked 10 minutes before washing, chopping, cooking) and organic yellow onion from a local store (but probably was grown in Mexico), avocado oil (cold pressed and “naturally” refined in Mexico) and balsamic vinegar (a product of Modena) from Costco, coarse ground black pepper and Maldon salt. It’s an imperfect world, and, while I could get olive oil and wine vinegar here, they are often out of my price range to use in copious amounts.

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