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Sun and food reflections

I made that lovely persimmon fruit leather and dried those pears, then I tried to dry quince into fruit leather. The first thing I noticed was that it smelled “perfume-y” not a good flavor for food. Then, as it dried, it cracked and broke into pieces. I ended up peeling it off the parchment paper […]

I’m baa–aa-ck–with (out of place) doves

Learn how to identify these birds here. Learn more about the influx of these birds and how they are being tracked at this link. It’s been a long time since I’ve published anything to my blog. Unfortunately, I’ve been using Facebook as the all-too-often-lazy-way of posting. But, I’m back now. Look forward to seeing more […]

A puppy’s revenge

Yoda is a very vocal puppy in that he growls when the other two apply a lot of pressure to him in some way (like Leia’s standing on his back). He puts his little head down, turns it sideways and growls ferociously. It’s hysterical at times but gets to be a bit much to listen […]