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Gardening in late winter, hope for spring

About the time I’m thoroughly sick of winter, despite the brisk, clear weather or the blessed, blessed rain, I start to think of planting. I start thinking flowers and food. I’ve never really had a great winter garden. I plant garlic successfully every year (with one notable failure) and watch it in hopeful expectation in […]


Discipline! I need to be more disciplined in my life. Unfortunately all the talking to myself hasn’t reaped results. Anyway, I tell myself to write a blog post weekly but that hasn’t happened yet. However, I still cook, write, shoot (photos) and think. These are all positive “events.” Yes, thinking even has sometimes taken on […]

Lettuce for the garden

Yesterday I went to Mix Garden to buy vegetables, particularly one of my favorites, celery root. I also picked up broccoli. And, while I was there, I decided it is time to add to our garden production by buying two six packs of lettuce starts. I bought one Little Gem and one Flashy Trout’s Back. […]

Sun and food reflections

I made that lovely persimmon fruit leather and dried those pears, then I tried to dry quince into fruit leather. The first thing I noticed was that it smelled “perfume-y” not a good flavor for food. Then, as it dried, it cracked and broke into pieces. I ended up peeling it off the parchment paper […]

Fruit and other deliciousness

Recently, I was given a gift of a flat of overripe pears and a large box (probably more than 20 pounds) of Hichya persimmons. Hichya persimmons are the large pointy ones that you don’t want to eat until they’ve been exposed to a frost. Unfortunately, I had a really busy day, so I didn’t get […]