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Gardening in late winter, hope for spring

About the time I’m thoroughly sick of winter, despite the brisk, clear weather or the blessed, blessed rain, I start to think of planting. I start thinking flowers and food. I’ve never really had a great winter garden. I plant garlic successfully every year (with one notable failure) and watch it in hopeful expectation in […]


Discipline! I need to be more disciplined in my life. Unfortunately all the talking to myself hasn’t reaped results. Anyway, I tell myself to write a blog post weekly but that hasn’t happened yet. However, I still cook, write, shoot (photos) and think. These are all positive “events.” Yes, thinking even has sometimes taken on […]

What do you do in wine country when you don’t wine?

You garden, you celebrate nature, you socialize at the Healdsburg or Windsor (California) Farmers’ Markets, and you get to know the latest in regional economics and local sustainability.  You learn to celebrate your neighbors and friends who produce the foods you eat.  Gleason chickens…plump and juicy; Bernier garlic varieties…the best in the world…Trull family vinegars…true […]

Rain-battered plants, finches, feeders, and other stuff.

Today’s air wafts the softness of the after-rain. The world is washed clean and every parched plant and tree has been replenished with streams of quenching water.  While the tomatillo, tomato, and squash plants are a little worse for wear in their shaggy autumn wardrobes, the Swiss chard has taken on a new life.  Even […]

Reaping and sowing

We’re, of course because we’re in California, still reaping the vegetable and fruit harvest of the season, as we ready to plant for the fall/winter/spring harvests.  We have tens of pounds of tomatoes still to pick, pasilla and serrano chiles, bountiful bell peppers, copious cucumbers and squash.  We also still have fruitful figs on the […]