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Lettuce for the garden

Yesterday I went to Mix Garden to buy vegetables, particularly one of my favorites, celery root. I also picked up broccoli. And, while I was there, I decided it is time to add to our garden production by buying two six packs of lettuce starts. I bought one Little Gem and one Flashy Trout’s Back. […]

I’m baa–aa-ck–with (out of place) doves

Learn how to identify these birds here. Learn more about the influx of these birds and how they are being tracked at this link. It’s been a long time since I’ve published anything to my blog. Unfortunately, I’ve been using Facebook as the all-too-often-lazy-way of posting. But, I’m back now. Look forward to seeing more […]

Bernier Farm at the Warren Ranch

Bernier Farm at the Warren Ranch has gotten into the true spirit of the harvest season with a great display at the foot of their fields, near their entrance. I had to stop when I saw these folks on their way to where they are. What do you do to get into the season?   […]