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Gardening in late winter, hope for spring

About the time I’m thoroughly sick of winter, despite the brisk, clear weather or the blessed, blessed rain, I start to think of planting. I start thinking flowers and food. I’ve never really had a great winter garden. I plant garlic successfully every year (with one notable failure) and watch it in hopeful expectation in […]

What do you do in wine country when you don’t wine?

You garden, you celebrate nature, you socialize at the Healdsburg or Windsor (California) Farmers’ Markets, and you get to know the latest in regional economics and local sustainability.  You learn to celebrate your neighbors and friends who produce the foods you eat.  Gleason chickens…plump and juicy; Bernier garlic varieties…the best in the world…Trull family vinegars…true […]

It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

Even though the garden is showing the ravages of a time-worn summer, we have been given the great gift of plants newly coming into harvest.  We planted in March, reaped much of our harvest in early July (an abundance of corn, a few green beans, squash, tomatoes, chiles, and a couple of bell peppers). The […]